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Play casino online

We recently downloaded a casino online app to our iPad and began playing it. This is a free app and also a free online casino game with many different slot machines that you can play as well as video poker games that you can also play. It was great fun and enjoyed it very much for the first day.

When we first signed up to play this free slot machine game on our iPad, we were given $1 million in free play credit. Sounds like a lot of money! We started playing video slot games on the iPad and either we chose a really bad game to play or just were not winning but we went through the $1 million in about three hours.

We then attempted to have more free credit so we can continue playing and found that the video slot machine and wanted to charge us some money to add free credit. We refused and moved on to another game. This is really a shell game to try and charge you for playing online video games using your tablet or smart phone and for the video slot machine app developer to make some money.

We again tried the app the following day and this time we were awarded 75,000 in free play instead of 1 million. We went through that 75,000 in about 30 minutes.

The online slot machine app on our smartphone is actually a lot of fun to play however they’re trying to make money and charging for the play credits is one of the ways. They also provide online advertising on the pictures well. We rate this particular app from IGT as a negative since they are too focused on making cash money from their players.